The most valuable part of my coaching sessions was learning to be conscious of how I react in work situations. Knowing my tendencies and how they help or hinde me professionally was very important. It will be something I can build on going forward. I suppose it could be summarized as knowing myself and how I impact myself and others at home and work.
-David Groth, Architect, Singapore

You were a mirror, a very clear one. You gently peel the onion and let me see what is going on. You balanced well between guiding me and pushing me. You are very professional and diligent. Very insightful and knowledgeable. You are very resourceful – thank you for connecting me to various people, to help me. You are extremely organized and focused.
-Yunji Xu, Ph.D, Senior Account Manager, Shell, Singapore

"I found Sabreena really helpful and sensitive to my needs in the new role. She helped provide a critical sounding board. Being able to take a different stance and perspective to my point of view helps me to see the other side."
-Alex Tan, CEO, Deutesche Telekom Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore

Sabreena was engaged to help get me from being a COO of Asia to a candidate for the CEO of Asia. The 6 months coaching has been a success as I was finally appointed as the CEO of Asia in Jan and there has been noticeable change in my behavior by my supervisor and sponsors (outgoing CEO Asia and current Group CHRO and CEO). During the 6 months, Sabreena made me more aware of myself, my work ethics, values and purpose.
-Hock Lye Chan, CEO Sibelco Asia, Singapore

Coaching with Sabreena has made me “gain insight on what makes me tick and being at peace with my decisions and how I move forward”.
-Su Fei Cheah, Client Director, Design Bridge, Singapore

“Sabreena is able to throw different perspectives into our discussion which in turn has changed the way I see myself & others. It has helped to re-wire my thinking process and greatly improved the end results of any given situation”.
-Mark Ng, Regional Sales Director, Amphenol Singapore

“I found it helpful to be reminded by an outside observer that people tend to limit themselves. Some things seem so obvious, but it is always helpful to be reminded to visualize what I want my work-life to look like and then go make it happen. Reading a book about being pro-active doesn’t have the same effect as having Sabreena point out that I’m not being as pro-active as I could be; that I have self limiting paradigms at play. A fish doesn’t know that it’s in water”.
- David Miller, Director-Research & Development, Magnequench International Inc., Singapore

“Fortunately for me, I had a full 1.5 hour session with Sabreena that exceeded expectations.  I’m currently in the thick of a project, and >100% engaged, so I was not prepared for the session.  Nevertheless, she managed to coach me through a review of my learning journey so far, and identify a nagging concern of mine, helped me to stop avoiding the obvious, and determine a way forward. So it behooves me to thank Sabreena on behalf of the team.  Although I have gone through coaching training 3 years ago, Sabreena has given me some new insights from her slightly different style, and I’ve a more layered understanding of Coaching.”.
– Peter Tan, Manager, MOHH Singapore

Coaching gave me an environment that allowed me to ‘say/tell what was on my mind”. Talking through the jumble of thoughts cleared the “air”, my mind, and therefore the future (my future). Early sessions took on or exposed the various ‘issues’, I believed were in my way and then later sessions pulled them together, with a thread or pathway of sharing how I myself could and would find the way forward.
 -Leigh Nippress, Senior Vice President, Capital International, Singapore

Thank you Sabreena. I came to you at the most difficult time of my professional life. You have always been able to show me a different side, and point me to a different direction. It has been a great experience. When we discuss the issues/challenges I’m facing your questions, our role plays always open my mind to think differently.
- Dr. Grace Pei, Regional Head of Emerging Markets, Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany