Coaching Supervision Image(2)

Through coaching supervision with The Conscious Choice satisfied clients receive:

  • Clear Contracting with coach – multi-party contracting where appropriate
  • Establishing good boundaries
  • Enhancing reflectivity – working with content and process
  • Attending to the Coach’s Personal Development
  • Creating the Working Alliance
  • Deepening Coaching Presence
  • Building the Internal Supervisor
  • Offering new perspectives to the coach
  • Teaching and developing meta-skills
  • Increasing the coach’s interventions and tools
  • Being sensitive to the coach’s Learning Style
  • Teaching about Coaching Psychology
  • Working with Parallel Process
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Creating experiments through which the coach can learn
  • Offering educative and restorative support to the coach
  • Working systemically – with coach, client and the wider field
  • Ensuring that standards and ethics are maintained
  • Opening up new areas of competence for the coach