When did you stop saying what's true for you?

(speaking up about what matters most)

When did you give upĀ  living for yourself?

(fulfilling other peoples dreams and not your own)

When did you get stuck in a rut and believed that you were alright?

(distrusting your instincts and thinking you have no choices)

When did you learn to be fearful?

(not being present and not listening to your inner guidance)


Counselling will support you in coming to terms with your past, so that you can fully live in the present and embrace your future with confidence and purpose. Learn who you really are, where you are going and discover ways to bring more meaning into your life.


The Conscious Choice integrates somatic emotional releasing, psychodynamic modalities, hypnotherapy, Eye Movement Desensitizing Reprocessing and Neuro Linguistic Programming to further clients awareness and bring them to a state of individual balance.