Counselling Testimonials

Sabreena has been with me on the most challenging journey of my life, teaching me about myself. It was her genuine love and spiritual insight that gave me the confidence to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Her counseling sessions were a real boost.

Self-discovery with Sabreena has opened many doors in my life and transformed my perspectives widely. Thank you Sabreena once again and wishing you peace and joy in all future endeavors.

Kamaliyah Marzeethu – ESPN - Singapore

Dear Sabreena,

I am just writing to say thank you so much for the supremely positive influence you have had on my life. I am finding the advice and guidance that you have given me to be invaluable. I guess it has made me realise both how far I have come in the past couple of years but also how far I still have to go. But I think most importantly, you have shown me that I have the ability and the power to make that progress and ensure that my life becomes more positive as time goes on and I learn to interact with my world more effectively. I want to sincerely thank you again for your amazing guidance and advice. You have had a truly positive effect on my life and also on my outlook. I do not quite know how to thank you but I am sure that in the short term, the kind thoughts and love that I am sending you will suffice.

Thank you. Yours Truly,

Eve Weston – Physiotherapist - Australia

Thought provoking and enlightening and I am grateful for the connection with you. Made the sessions more powerful. The tools given to me to find my voice and instigate conversations have enabled us to face difficult conversations together as a family.

- Alison Tait – U.K.

I benefited greatly from your sessions, gaining clarity about the relationship issues I had, and having you ask the right questions to get me to think / talk until I discovered, from within myself, the answers. I always felt a deep sense of safety in your office – the ambience is calming and soothing, and allowed me to talk freely about my problems in its ‘cocoon-like’ environment.

The techniques for calming my self-created fears (EFT; talking to my ‘queasy monster’); learning to stop projecting my fears into future scenarios that have no basis in fact; realizing that I will always get through any situation because I have a good support group.

Mayen Fok – Marketing Manager – Singapore.