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Strategic Management

Optimize the Success of Your Practice

Current industry trends require a proactive approach to anticipate and address continuous strategic change. Keeping up with today’s environmental trends is critical to any successful business. Therefore, having the right information at the right time for informed decision-making will be reflected in your bottom line.

My team and I continually mine valuable information that will help you strategically position your business for the future. We consult with your executives, engage stakeholders at all levels, manage expectations and hold management meetings to help you achieve your strategic and operational goals and objectives to be able to achieve short and long term success.

Operational Excellence and Process Improvement

Operational Excellence is the underpinning of an organization’s strategic framework. Continuous improvement is necessary for today’s environment to stay ahead of the curve and relevant.

We facilitate the spectrum of an organization’s journey from strategy to process excellence:

  • Gather data
  • Determine your vision/mission
  • Analyze your business capabilities against that of your competition
  • Identify strategic options and formulate strategic plans
  • Manage the implementation of the plan
  • Measure and monitor success to ensure your plans are on track
  • Recommend process improvement so plans are nimble and responsive to
    dynamic market conditions.


Program Design & Development

As a Leader today you are without a doubt in uncharted territory, never before seen in your lifetime.
The difficulty of leading in disorder comes not just from the nature of the crisis at hand, but also from the challenge of working with organizational models that were built for scale, efficiency and stability.

Leaders in current times need to self-directed yet collaborative, agile yet decisive, think ahead of the curve and yet articulate and succinct when communicating your message. Therefore, awareness of self and thinking strategically are foundations to learning agility without losing your human touch.

Towards this goal, a user friendly 3-pronged approach can be utilized across three formats; digital, face-to-face and virtual interaction.

Program designs range from ½ day modules to week-long leadership development initiatives in virtual or face-to-face formats.

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The central feature of facilitation is to help adult learners make sense, find meaning and understand new knowledge. The most effective way is an integrated approach that utilizes class room simulations and experiential activities to achieve successful outcomes.

To find out more about design and facilitation of half and full day off-sites. retreats and meetings with targeted deliverables email [email protected]

Customized Coaching Skills

The popularity of integrating customized coaching skills workshops into an organizations culture change initiative is to broaden the range of a leader’s professional capacity.

Customized half-day, one day or two day in-house programs can be scaled to suit an organization’s requirements in the following formats:

  • Foundations of Coaching (1/2 day)
  • Coaching Skills ( 1 day)
  • Coaching for Leaders (2 days)
  • Mentoring for Leaders (2 days)

Developmental Assessments

Personality assessments offer insight into an individual’s mindset, preferences and patterns of behaviour. While they don’t tell us a person’s age, culture, ethnic background or current life challenges, it does give us insight into how we can flex our styles and develop more flexibility when we deal with people dissimilar to us.

Horizontal assessments focus on a person’s versatility across competencies while vertical assessments highlight a person’s ability to navigate complexity and change; a necessary mindset in these unprecedented times.

Half or one day workshops depend on the number of participants and depth of debrief required. The following range of assessments are available in individual and group formats.

FIRO-B® (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior™)

Assists individuals identify their interpersonal need and how it can help interactions in the workplace.

Global Leadership Profile (GLP)

Leverages developmental theory to identify how a person makes sense of events and the world in which s/he lives, illuminates leadership approach and fall-back style.

Harrison Assessment (HA)

Measures 175 factors including task preferences, work environmental motivations, work environment preferences, interests and interpersonal preferences. it may also be used to select talent and assist hiring decisions.


Examines personality through the lenses of the bright side, the dark side and the way we relate to others when we are at our best or under stress. by assessing these polarized sides of a personality, performance is less likely to be sabotaged when an individual becomes aware and takes active steps to mitigate the problems that can derail the ability to succeed.

Influence Style Indicator

Targets the understanding of an individual’s preferred style as they influence others.                                                                                                                


Classifies personality types along four distinct axes in how people perceive the world and how they make decisions. it instigates awareness on likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses.


Reveals a person’s supertraits and sub-traits and how they affect work behaviour and job performance. the five continuums are the need for stability, extraversion, originality, accommodation and consolidation.

to find out more about any of these assessments and what is best suited to your organizational and leadership needs email [email protected]

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